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Mount Wolf Borough Historical Articles & Documents
History of York County PA, From the Earliest Time to the Present
John Gibsons 1886 excerpts about Mount Wolf
History of York County PA Volume 1
George R. Prowell 1907 excerpts about Mount Wolf
100 Years of Mount Wolf History
Author unknown written in 1935
Mount Wolf and How It Grow
Author unknown May 22, 1942
100 Years of Mount Wolf
Dedicating New Post Office at Mt. Wolf
May 1961
An Ideal Community in Which to Live
Five Star 1964
Sioux Tribe  Tournaments    Concerts
Mount Wolf Park Programs 1960s
Remember When...
Five Star March 1976
Mt Wolf Thrives Despite Population Dip
Sunday Patriot News April 1981
Mount Wolf Borough has a Varied History of Change
Home Front 1987
Borough of Mount Wolf Newsletter
October 1987
Borough of Mount Wolf Newsletter
June 1990
Small Town Values at Play in Mount Wolf
York Daily Record June 1996
Knights of the Golden Eagle Comes Down
Working at Play
York Daily Record Nov 200?
2000 Census
York Daily Record Dec 2002
Wolf builds from deep foundation on banks of Susquehanna River Part 1
YorkTown Square May 2006
Wolf Man or Wolfchester? No, the Village of Mount Wolf
YorkTown Square Feb 2008
Trolley ran both ways between Manchester and Mt Wolf
YorkTown Square May 2009
A Civil War Murder Mystery in the Mt Wolf Area
Scott Mingus January 2010
Mount Wolf’s Centennial Summer Calls for 3-month Party
YorkTown Square May 2010
Mount Wolf Merchant Shows His Musical Side
Universal York June 2010
Celebrate 100 Years with Us
Community Courier 2010
Funeral Home/Museum Attracts Hundreds to Mount Wolf Centennial
YorkTown Square Aug 2010
Mount Wolf Borough Celebrates Its Centennial
Daily Record/Sunday News Aug 2010
The Last Picture Show: Future Mayor's Soaked in “E.T.” at Mount Wolf Theater
YorkTown Square Aug 2010
Mount Wolf's War Memorial Located
YorkTown Square Aug 2010
New Mount Wolf Book & CD Play on Theme: “A Small Town in a Wider World”
YorkTown Square Nov 2010
Wolf builds from deep foundation on banks of Susquehanna River Part 2
YorkTown Square Feb 2012
How an old York County community theater became Mt Wolf Community Church
YorkTown Square Jan 2014
All About Mt Wolf Home of the Next Governor
YorkTown Square March 2014
Getting to know Mount Wolf, Tom Wolf’s hometown
YorkTown Square Aug 2014
History doesn't stink
YorkTown Square Sept 2014
Missing Fire Truck
YorkTown Square Oct 2014
York, Manchester, Mount Wolf Linked
YorkTown Square April 2016
Jim McClure YorkTown Square
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