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    In 1783, Major Eli Lewis (a Quaker) owned 850 acres of land and six dwelling houses. See Lewisberry, the Quaker town that the Lewises built. In 1798, he secured Issac Kirk to make a survey and plant a town. In that same year, his son Ellis was born who later became chief Justice of the Pa Supreme court and was one of the most accomplished public figures in the County of York.  In 1791 he wrote a poem of considerable merit entitled “St. Clairs’s Defeat” which described the defeat of Arthur St. Clair by the tribes of the Western Confederacy during the Battle of the Wabash.. Lewisberry was incorporated April 2, 1832. The first census figures of 1840 shown a population of 220. The 2000 census shown a population of 385.
     For a long time, Lewisberry was a great center of trade and manufacturing. The first article of manufacture was the flint lock gun for the making of which made the area famous. The business began as early as 1760 and many were made here during the Revolution. Lyman Lewis introduced the manufacture of block brimstone matches. Coffee mills were made in small quantities soon after the Revolution War.They were later made on an extensive scale and continue to this day. There was Cline’s Mill that always done an extensive business. Anna Clark, manufactured large eight day clocks with artistic decoration. Hammond window springs were so good that they were installed in the White House during the administration of President Van Buren.

    Silver Lake near Lewisberry is over 230 years old and was built by John Herman, whose Red stone home, see cornerstone, below still stands at the beginning of Silver Lake Road to provide water for his mill. The then 40 acre lake was lined with blue clay, which was abundant in this area to the point that pottery was manufactured in the Lewisberry area. In fact, “Silver Lake” is referring to the color of the clay that was quarried in this area, making the lake appear silver. The mills continued to be used in the early 1900's. In 1925, the estate sold the lake and land to Sliver Lake Improvement Company. he estate sold the lake and adjoining land to the Silver Lake Improvement Co. The company began developing small summer lots for sale. The depression hit and by 1929, with only half the lots sold, the rest went for $1.00 to anyone who wanted them.  A number of cottage owners got together and in 1948 formed the Silver Lake Community Association. The purpose of the Association was to preserve the lake and maintain the feeder streams. The lake began to be visited by winter skaters, picnickers and ice hockey clubs. During the “middle years,” the middle 60’s, the association was so active and popular that people waited in line to become members. In late June of 1972 we were visited by Agnes, a hurricane that did a lot of damage. The “heyday” of the lake was over. People couldn’t agree on how to manage the lake. The sewage problem got worse, people moved away. Kids started going to malls instead of coming with their families to the lake. In September of 2013, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reclassified the lake as “High Hazard.”  Reference:  Silver Lake Community Association Our History

    Lewisberry project uncovers hidden American Indian mural: Barbara Forgas discovered what is believed to be American Indian artwork behind the walls of a bathroom in Lewisberry. There were four 8-foot panels bearing images of American Indians were found as she was remolding. 

   Jimmy Carter in York County: ‘He knelt down and prayed’: Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter visited Lewisberry in northern York County in 1974.  York photographer Bill Schintz recalls Carter attended a rally at a barn… On the bus and running late for his next stop, Carter made the driver stop and he got out to talk with a boy in a wheelchair. He told the boy he had a nephew like him and asked to say a prayer with the youngster. He knelt down and prayed.

    The intersection of Pennsylvania Route 177 and Pleasant View Road near the borough is said to allow an automobile in neutral to drift uphill. According to legend, this effect is caused by the ghosts of children once killed in a bus accident, who push the car uphill to prevent similar occurrences. However, the phenomenon is caused by a gravity hill optical illusion. See RoadsideAmerica.com

     In 2015, a baseball team from Lewisberry participated in the Little League World Series, winning the U.S. Championship and finishing as runner-up to Japan in the world championship game. It was the first appearance for a Pennsylvania team in the final game since 1990.

    The Lewisberry History and Folklore Group.was recently formed. For contact information
about the group e-mail Glen Dunbar at gdunbar47@gmail.com. They have allowed us the
following documents to post: A Guide to Red Land Area 1976, Emanuel Church and Cemetery, Nebinger Family Cemetery, Quakers in Redland Valley, St John's Church and Cemetery, and a 1980 detail write-up on Lewisberry Historical District.

Excerpts from:
Newberry Township
The Beginning 1700-1900

1988 Center Square Press
By: Newberry Township Heritage Committee

Major Eli Lewis and Mrs. Lewis
Silver Lake Lewisberry
Sliver Lake spring cover
St John Church
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