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Mount Wolf Borough 1977-2009
      "In March of 1979, Civil Defense Director Tom Brenner was put to the test when the accident of Three Mile Island took place with the meltdown of the nuclear reactor. Evacuations and relocations were recommended, although many citizens remained in their homes waiting for the Governor to make the determination of everyone's safety."

    "In 1982, Borough Council who had been meeting in the old school building on South Third Street moved to the current location at Greiman Park. The first full time maintenance person was hired. The first pizza shop was approved and opened on Center Street in the former "Fats" Fries Building. The 1982 County Firemen's Convention and parade was hosted by Mount Eagle and Manchester Union Fire Departments."

     "In January 1983, the Northeastern Regional Police Department (NERPD) was formed by East Manchester Township and Mount Wolf Borough Police Departments. In July of 1983, Manchester Borough then joined the police department." In the beginning, the department consisted of five officers with an operating budget of just over $140 thousand. It served a combined population of approximately 7,100. As the communities it served grew, so did the police department. Over the past 25 years, the police force has increased to eleven officers with an operating budget of approximately $1.4 million.     
      Through the 1980's and 1990's several renovation projects were completed with "Otterbein United Methodist Church". Several homes were purchased on South Main Street in 1981 and 2001 for those with low income. In 2005, the church purchased the "Mount Wolf Inn" previously called "Hussie's Cafe" and "Numero Uno". They removed the bar and reopened it as a youth Christian center called "The Gap". In 2007, the church became the owner of the building in which it originally met in Adam Wolf's Warehouse. They renamed it "The Carpenter's Center". They currently operate the latch key program for elementary children there.

     Early 2005, discussions began about merging Manchester Borough, Mount Wolf Borough, and East Manchester Township. A committee was formed and the Pennsylvania Economy League was contacted to do a study. After about a year, the Manchester Borough Council voted to drop out of the proceedings. The Pennsylvania Economy League published their findings to Mt Wolf Borough Council and to East Manchester Township Supervisors, in January 2008. The study showed that the Borough's real estate millage rate could be lowered to the current Township level. However, additional taxes to the real estate tax would include a street light tax, a fire hydrant tax and a per capita tax. The average Borough homeowner would see a $40 to $60 yearly savings.

      In March 2008, the Mt Wolf Borough Council voted 4 to 3 to stop the merger process. (The Township Supervisors abstained from voting on the merger issue at their meeting.) At the April 2008 Council meeting, both residents and Council members expressed their thoughts on the issue. Most of the Borough residents stated that they did not know about the merger discussions and the League study until they heard ab
out the Council's decision on the news. A few weeks later, a public meeting (not supported by the Borough or Township) was held, with the Pennsylvania Economy League. Without official local government backing, the merger discussions soon met it's "demise". Articles about this are here.
  "From 1947 to 1984 there was the Mount Wolf movie theater. During 1985, the owners wanted to make it into a video arcade. The Council voted 5 to 2 not to permit the arcade. The owners took the Borough to court, but the case was eventually dropped. St. Thomas Independent Lutheran Church then moved into the old theatre for a few years."  From 1991 to 2001, the facility was the Mount Wolf Gospel Arts Dinner Theatre where famous Gospel groups performed. In 2003, Mount Wolf Community Church was founded in the building as an out reach of Oak Grove Baptist Church, in Maryland.
    "In February 1992, Borugh Council recieved a letter from a while unity party called United Klans of America notfying Council that Mount Wolf was being considered as a site for a Klan Parade and Demonstration.  Fortunately, They took their parade elsewhere and the residents were spared the experience. However, in October of 2011 during the wee hours of the night, a hate group passed out literature door-to -door. Several borough residents walked the entire town in the early morning hours gathering and disposing of the leaflets before most people were awake."

     "In May of 1992 and again in 1993, Mount Wolf was part of the Tour Duport Bicycle Race course....  In 1997, the former KGE Hall was demolished and became a parking lot for Diehl's Funeral Home.... A very special celebration was held in April 2000 at the park recognizing the 40 plus years that Dr. Warren Herrold served our community as the main source of medical care... In November 2001, a special day of reconition was held for Marie Aughenbaugh for her 45 plus years of service to the community. Borough Council recognized Mike Declman in Deckman in December 2005 for His 40 years of service to the Borough."

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