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In August 2017, NeyChip organized a visited to the Peter Wolf. A total of 45 came for the one hour tour.
Here is a link by YDR from this tour.
This 1756 Georgian style home is where the ancestries of Mount Wolf first settled in America. Peter Wolf had a tavern across the street and the near by Wolf Church was named for him. Adam Wolf, Peter's son, moved to our area when George H. Wolf was young. Peter Wolf also owned the opposite Five Mile House.

View the Wolf's generations.

The house is still standing at 4415 West Market Street York, PA.
In July 2018, NeyChip visited the Emig Manson. We were give a tour of the basement that included a beehive
oven, bars from a cell, and signs of a well and tunnels. Visit
In September 2019. NeyChip toured Prospect Hill Cemetery.
It was really an amazing tour.
Check it out at
Founder: Charles Stambaugh Chairman of Mount Wolf 2010 Centennial
Inspired by Manchester Township Historical Society during a Dec 2015 visit to Peter Wolf house.
Helped by Manchester Township Historical Society during 2016.

Includes: Mount Wolf Borough, Manchester Borough, York Haven Borough, Conewago Township, Newberry Township, East Manchester Township, Lewisberry Borough, Goldsboro Borough, and Northeastern School District about 77 sq miles.

January 2016 started as of March 2020 80 pages 2,000 images 5,100 unique visitors
January 2016 started as of March 2020 there were 250 on mailing list
January 2017 started Facebook: as of October 2019 135 followers

First NeyChip Meeting March 2016 with just 3 people
Attendance meeting highs:  2016: 10   2017: 65   2018: 77   2019: 150
2016-2019: 25 on-site presentations, 3 field trips, 22 off-site talks and generated 9 history videos.

February 25, 2019 form a Board with By-laws
March 25, 2019 Incorporated with the State
July 1, 2019 501C3 approval with the IRS

The historical coronavirus COVID-19
caused the cancelation of  NeyChip's
March and April 2020 events.
                   2019 NeyChip / Manchester Borough Events
March 25 “The Birth and Death of an  Amusement Park”
                       Lester Stambaugh attendance: 27
April 29  “Supply Lines: Northern Central Railroad in  the Civil War”
                    Scott Mingus attendance: 40
June 22 "Manchester Borough History Retold"
  "10 Things About Manchester" Jim McClure attendance: 110
“Story Time” Charles Stambaugh attendance: 100
“Confederates in Northeast York County” Scott Mingus: 75
July 27 Manchester Borough 150th Community Day attendance: 90
Aug 10 History of Northeastern Schools "One Present"
                Stephen Smith & Charles Stambaugh attendance: 150
Aug 24 Manchester 150th Celebration Day attendance: 200
Sept 29 Prospect Hill Cemetery tour attendance: 20
                                2020  NeyChip (subject to change)

June 22 Monday 6:30 PM at Heffner Funeral Chapel (see flyer)
      “Assassination & Funeral of Lincoln” See replica of Lincoln’s casket.

July 27 Monday 7PM at Manchester Borough Rec Building in Boro park
        Videos: “Musser Farm” and Clair Good “My Life So Far.”

Aug 24 Monday 7PM at Manchester Borough Rec Building in Boro park
       Manchester 150th video’s “Showcase & Museum” “Closing Ceremony”

Sept 12 Saturday 9AM-till ? Scott Mingus bus tour (limited space)
         Confederates invasion of Northeastern York area.
         Cost, times and location to be announced.

Oct 26 Monday 7PM at Diehl Funeral Home Mt Wolf
       Jim McClure Mount Wolf Area History
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