Mancester Borough Album
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Katherine Beecher
Manchester Baseball 1930's See names
World War I Manchester Service Men See names
The Katherine Beecher Story
Union Fraternity Hall
Dedicated 2/24/1912
Main and Maple Streets Manchester PA
Main and York Streets
Cold Springs Park Manchester Pa
Main and Board  Streets
Some pics are from Larry Good.
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Rutter's is now where the white house is.
Musser Ford Now Beshore & Koller Ford
Beecher was one of 50 women profiled in "Legacies: Remembrances of York County Women" published in 1984.
Feb18,1963 fire

Union Fraternity Hall  Distoried: Foam Products, School, Borough Office, Community Hall. Eight fire companies fought the blaze.
Musser Ford Now Beshore & Koller Ford
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