Northeastern Area One Room Schools
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One Room Schools in East Manchester Township

Beshore's - Brick  building, west of  North  George  Street, south of Manchester
Brillinger' s - Brick  building, north of Codorus Creek on Rt. 24
Jerusalem - Codorus Furnace Road - owned by James Rudisill
River Hill - Covered with siding on Wago Road
Saginaw - Stone buildings on  Market Street - tom down
Sipe's -Red brick building on Zion View Road, west of Manchester
Starview -Building was on Rt. 24 in back of Lutheran Church - tom down
Strayer's - Frame Building, 391 Park Street, Manchester - owned by Kirk Alwine
One Room Schools in Conewago Township

Bear's (1853) - Stone building, Copenhafer Road, Zion View

Bower's (1870) - Frame building, Bowers Bridge Road, Owner: Stanley Prowell

Fink's (1865) - Stone building, comer of Bremer and Sheep Bridge Roads - occupied

Green Springs  (1850)  - Frame building, comer of Butter and Green Springs Road - occupied
Gross' -  Stone  building  on Canal   Road
Neiman' s - One frame building, one stone building at Andersontown
Rudy's (1859) - Stone building on Butter Road
Sheller's (1870) -Frame building, Lewisberry Road west of Canal Road

Smith's (1880) - Frame building, east of Susquehanna Trail, south of Strinestown
Strinestown (1865) - Stone building, Cemetery Road - occupied
Jerusalem School
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One-Room Schools Location & Source Index for York County
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River Hill One-Room Schoolhouse near Mount Wolf
Recalling York County schools during WWII
One-room school reunions preserve educational culture of thousands of York countians
The first school in the Manchester area on Meeting House Road
Gross on Canal Road
Brillinger on Sherman Street Ext. Rt 24
River Hill on Wago Road
The directory for the 1912-1913 school term featured a cover photo of Jacob H. Smith, residing in Manchester, Pa.; with the notation, “Now Teaching his 55th Term, more than any other Teacher in Pennsylvania.” Starting in 1860, he taught at Slabtown 2 years, New Holland 2 years, Scip's 2 years, Strayer's 7 years, Mt Wolf 7 years, Manchester 18 years,  Goldsboro 7 years, York Haven 3 years, and River Hill 2 years. YDR 2015
Bear's Zion View
New Holland (Saginaw)
1928 teacher: Mabel Miller
New Holland (Saginaw) two schools
Cassel's Grade School
Starview School 1900
York Haven Grandview Drive
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