Early Grade School Pictures
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Hake's School see name list.
River Hill School see name list.
River Hill School 1949
Strayer's School see name  list.
Strayer's School Teacher
Mrs Martha Bowers
River Hill School
River Hill School see name  list.
Primary School in Manchester
These are Mount Wolf School.
Names and years are not known.
Mount Wolf School 1943 see name list.
Saginaw combined schools 1937
see name list.
Teacher Allen Beshore, later partnered with Mr. Koller to form the Ford Dealership. See names
Strinestown School
Strinestown School 1908
Strinestown School 1951 see names
Strinestown School 1948 see names
Shettles 1955 last class at this school
Shettles School1946 see names
Rohlers School 1921 see names
Gross School1936 see names
Strinestown School
Bear's School 1921 see names
Fink's School 1948
Green Springs 1948
Strinestown School 1915
Crone's School 1910 see name list
Bear School 1910
Shettel's School 1917
Starview School 1929
Green Springs School 1907
Gross School 1955
Gross School 1936 see names.
Rudy School 1905
Neiman School 1898
Bower's School 1938
see names
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Schoolhouses of Strinestown and York County numbers.