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  In 1850, the first schoolhouse was build on the corner of South Main and Walnut Streets, in the Mount Wolf area. In 1876, a one room brick building was erected near the center of town and eight years later a second story was added. By 1909, the building was declared unsafe and torn down.  For the next six years, school was held in a two-room, one-story building which is now part of the Eagle Fire House. In 1915, a two-story four classroom school was built on South Third and Maple Streets. Eight grades were accommodated there until the completion of the Junior High School on Maple and Sixth Streets in 1930. The Third Street school was used as an elementary school for over 43 years.The Northeastern School District then used the building as an administration office until1985.  It is presently not being used.

  The1930, Mount Wolf Junior High School consisting of 4 classrooms and a gymnasium with showers. The building cost $60,000 of which the School Board raised $22,000 and the citizens of the Borough, through a Building Committee assumed the remaining $38,000 of debt. At that time, the State Dept. of Education directed prospective High School builders to come see, in Mount Wolf, what they consider the finest of its kind and size in the State. The Junior High was very active in the mid-thirty's. They put on several plays and had a large monthly newsletter called "The Junior High Spots".

   In 1958, the Northeastern School district built a new Junior / Senior High School in Manchester. The Mount Wolf Junior High School was converted to the Mount Wolf Elementary School and the Third Street School has stopped being used for classrooms. In 1991, Mount Wolf Elementary was completely renovated and enlarged and became Mount Wolf Early Learning Center. When the project was completed, only the District's complete Kindergarten grade was in the school. In 2007, the school returned to being Mount Wolf Elementary accommodating grades K through 3. The school does not have a playground. They use the Borough Park which is next to the school.
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Mt Wolf School building.
The grade school building located at Third and Maple Streets was build in 1915, at a cost of $13,800. This was a four room building. three rooms of which housed the first six grades and one was use as the music room. It was used as a school for 43 years.
Once the Mt Wolf School, it now is now the back part of the Mt Wolf Fire Station.
Built in 1930 as a Junior High, it was remolded in 2007 for the teaching of K through 3. It now looks like the picture on the right,
2017 flower growing through the bricks of the empty Third Street School. It is saying:
"There is still life in this building, save me."
First Mt Wolf School, now Georgia Pacific.
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